Hi everyone, I sometimes find myself with pain and fatigue so severe that it leaves me bed bound unable to even go to the kitchen to get myself food, water, or medicine. I started to keep snacks in my room for these days when I am unable to move. Do any of you have any suggestions for some “healthier”snack foods to keep near the bed that do not need to be refrigerated or heated? Any tips or advice is welcome

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Fibromyalgia (FM)

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  • Belugabear


    Anything by simple mills!!! Decently healthy and delicious, and definitely fibro friendly

  • TNA


    I love almonds, especially the diamond brand Wasabi and soy sauce, or the maple walnuts delish! Beef jerky, some types of fruits, bananas, apples

    • livvie361


      ooo what's good is freeze dried fruits

  • GreenBean21


    I really like to keep a “bed water” bottle with me, snacks I normally keep close are protein bars, granola and bananas.

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