Hey, I have had hemorrhoids for a few years and was wondering what ways I can get them to improve. I’d say mine are pretty bad (they swell up and are painful after a bowel movement, sometimes bleed).


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  • Emib


    Same! Dr. Told me to take magnesium to soften stool. Helps some. Taking grains, dairy and sugar out of my diet and upped healthy fats and cooked veggies has helped my stool formation and stops the bleeding. They say I have “leaky gut” and allows Undigested food particles to pass through stool and makes my hemorrhoids inflamed and bleed. Trying to focus on healing leaky gut now

  • IbsQween


    One thing that I find shrinks them is sitting in warm water! Buy a sitz bath from Walgreens or cvs it really really helps. Also stop straining!, I know they say eat more fiber and drink more water. I’ve tried that and tbh it doesn’t help, take a laxative like magnesium citrate(make sure you don’t take too much), milk of magnesia helps too! Stay hydrated and drink coconut water for potassium. Trust me I’m going through it u had to learn this the hard way. Doctors don’t tell us why they just want to prescribe things

  • smileandnod100


    Coconut Oil (just the normal kind you get for cooking). The ONLY thing that actually makes my hemorrhoid go down for longer than a day. I wish I had found out about it sooner.

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