i tentatively put that i have a porn addiction because i think i do? but i have never talked to a medical professional like a therapist or anyone about it because i’m too embarrassed/ashamed by it. i hesitate to call it an addiction because it hasn’t destroyed my life or anything, it does kind of bring me (short-term ig) happiness, but i am ashamed and embarrassed by it and no one in my life really knows about it, or really about my sexual side period. i am pretty open about other struggles that i have and things i do and think and stuff (to loved ones especially), but sexual stuff - especially porn, but even in general - is so so so hard for me to talk to others about. so i’m really hoping that i can get some support for it on here. i’ve been struggling with self-control surrounding porn for a while now, maybe 2 years? 3? more?? i am not sure.

Pornography addiction

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