what medication do you use?
how do you manage outbreaks?
any suggestions on how to reduce outbreaks? mine are too frequent 😭

Herpes Simplex


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  • Yogi


    At first I used valtrex that seemed to help after that I stopped getting outbreaks nothing visible anyway sometimes I feel it but anyway valtrex should help

  • ClaudiaL


    I’m sorry you’re experiencing that, @pothos. My best advice is to really keep on top of taking your medication and if you need to, talk to your doctor about a daily med. I’m taking Valaciclovir daily now which has helped prevent my frequent outbreaks.

  • Heatherwhisnant


    I've been on Valtrex for 6 years I take it as needed first sign of outbreak I take my meds. However reducing stress and being in a safe relationship I stopped having outbreaks as often

  • Azyrel


    Stay away from your triggers. for me these are acidic things like coffee and citrus and tomatoes and pineapple, too much Sun, stress, getting sick. L-lysine helps a lot, I buy it in a powder and take it daily and extra when I have an outbreak. Valtrex also helps minimize an outbreak if you take it as soon as you notice one coming on. I have a silicone brush pad that I use to exfoliate my lips, and use moisturizer constantly - and this helps the most.

    • Skywalker


      I'm curious what does the silicone brush pad accomplish?

      • Azyrel


        Im not totally sure why it works, I think it helps stimulate the area and exfoliate off dead skin - which helps moisturizers work better. The same thing happens if I’m doing a lot of regular kissing - I find I don’t get outbreaks. Weird, right?

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