i got diagnosed with vasovagal syncope at around 12. i'm 19 now and still having major issues with it and it's only gotten worse. i haven't been to the hospital in years but i just moved and after i get medicaid im planning on going to get a primary immediately. my syncope very heavily makes it dangerous and harder for me to work a job especially one with long hours of standing. i tried recently and passed out around twice in the three days i worked there, once from just standing too long and the second from one of my major triggers (strong smells, bleach specifically). if i go back in and get it recorded that it's still effecting me, worse, and making jobs extremely difficult if not impossible and very dangerous, do you think id be eligible for ssi? it's not my only disability but it's one of the ones that really messes me up. i pass out at least 6-7 times a month and have what's similar to mini seizures every time and it's terrifying. at the job i tried to work I hit my head on a toilet both times so im extremely worried about going back to a worm environment. i really don't think i can physically handle it

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  • BonnieBubblegum


    No particular advice but know you’re not alone! 💕 I was diagnosed about 15 years ago and still have issues…

  • jellypeanut


    I was diagnosed with this as well & I have had it for a few years now. I know it can get scary & for me it has also gotten worse progressively each year I get older. I’m nearly 21 now, the first time I experienced it I was also 15. It’s funny that you mention your trigger of smell because this is actually a trigger I didn’t realize I had also until you said it. My main triggers are heat, standing too long, sight of 🩸, self injury, & now I’m realizing the smell of alcohol. Like cleaning alcohol, hand sanitizers, sterile environments like hospitals. Anything like that I always end up passing out. Vaso Vagal is so strange & it’s hard to learn to cope with 💕 good luck

  • Tav44


    i really understand you, i love my job and i don’t want to leave it even though it makes me so sick. if you live in the us like i do i would research disability benefits for your specific state and really research other things that you may need (like FMLA, which i’m not entirely sure what it is, but it may be a good start) don’t give up! tell your doctor to make a document of work restrictions for your job to any job in the future and they should follow it

    • Tav44


      i hope all this makes sense btw, i hope you find the answers

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