What do you even say to someone when they ask “What happened to your knee?”. I never know how to respond because it’s just genetics but if I say that they always start profusely apologizing for asking!

Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS)

Hypertrophic & Atrophic Conditions of Skin

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  • Ashbot


    Just get increasingly off the rails: I didn’t eat my vegetables. I lost a fight with a chicken. I lost my kneecap in a bet.

  • MJ17


    I am really bad at lying so I just say I have a joint disease because it’s the easiest true thing for people to understand

  • Justine


    I used to say my joints are loose, which they sre, and I’ll say I have EDs. It was easier to explain, than: It’s a connective tissue disorder, and so on..

  • MangoPeach


    I just say i injured it or that it hurts. Usually people dont have a good follow up after that

  • Fiddle


    When they start apologizing, “I say don't be! I love educating people and spread of awareness.” (but only say that is you do) If not, or I a not in the mood, I would say, “oh, you know, shit happens” usually, I get a laugh as they drop it.

  • Laila11


    Sometimes I’m just not in the mood to go into it or to get a pity party so I just say I fell lol🤷🏻‍♀️

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