Before my pots diagnose I was extremely athletic, now since I’ve gotten pots (I got mine from covid) I’m finding it hard to be active meaning I’ve gained alot of weight. How do I stop gaining weight or how are y’all being active even with this disorder?


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Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS)

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  • curtain


    I've found that swimming isn't as immediately exhausting as other exercise. It's the only exercise I can think of that doesn't make me dizzy.

  • Possumking


    i really like hiking because you can go at your own pace and using mobility aids doesn’t look out of place at all. looking for trails with switch backs can make elevation changes a lot easier

  • chillspoon


    I do strength training laying down, there’s quite a few YouTube tutorials. I also cut gluten and dairy from my diet, it helped quite a bit with my energy and my weight. I eat things that I know what the ingredients are. I included the link to the exercise video I follow. https://youtu.be/Heel8SBZSuc

  • AnotherSDhandler


    Hey, I also got mine from Covid! Id try swimming, I used to be a competitive athlete before this but unfortunately POTS has wiped out my ability to compete. However, if taken slowly swimming is a great way to stay active. although I always bring someone with me and tell the life guards I have POTS, just in case. For walking I always have my service dog with my and she’ll tell me if I need to sit down or not, but I always bring a pulse oximeter to check on my heart rate periodically.

  • GoatFarmer


    I'm a farmer so being active is part of it. It is very difficult at times but I just bear it. I have actually lost a lot of weight since I started having pots. I think that I have always had it but it really came to be in a big way two years ago. Since then I eat half of what I used to simply because I have such a bad headache from the pots that I don't have an appetite anymore. I sometimes have to force myself to eat or I won't eat anything that day and I usually prefer to eat sweets over anything else. Don't know why but that's what I crave.

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