I definitely felt the holiday stress on my body this year: I visited family for Christmas, and we have just had such a busy week of activities and events. I've also not had great sleep as I have been out of town to see them all, so I'm overworking my body and getting very little rest.
Being on my own, I usually feel like I can wear braces or use my cane, etc, but I just hate getting lots of questions about it all so I'm really bad about taking care of myself around my family/friends. It all just feels like it's piled up, and I didn't really get a vacation. I'm hoping going into the new year I can work on taking care of myself more without fear of judgement. If anyone has any tips for motivating yourself to take care of yourself that would be great!

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  • Lizzorat


    I struggle with this too. For me it was standing too much with my family on Christmas. Everyone kind of mills around and stands a lot of the time. I know I should sit but I feel weird when everyone else is standing. I’m not feeling well at all now, not just from that but also just doing too many things. One thing that helps me is reminding myself that I will have more fun and be more present with my loved ones if I take care of myself during our time together-for me mostly sitting and not drinking. Another thing I’ve tried is accountability. If there is someone you feel more comfortable with you could let them know that you plan to use your cane or whatever it may be, and that it may be hard for you. It might also help that one person already knows and won’t be surprised and isn’t judging you and that will kind of set the tone for the rest of the group too.

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