Does anyone have sleep seizures? How does it affect your daytime?

acute lethargy


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  • chrissy44


    Yes! I have alot of night time seizures and I've woke up very confused not knowing where I'm at and woke up in my truck before in morning not knowing how I got there. Visual hallucinations. Called my brother in middle of night unknowingly and he said I was fearful that I had let someone sleep on my couch and needed him to come over. I will tell u something that helps tremendously and that's a motion sensor light on my wall that turns on when I stand up and it helps orientated me as to where I am. It has worked great for me. The next day I will fall back asleep after only being awake for maybe 2 hours. I'm very tired the whole day. Sometimes some of my muscles will be a little sore and headache and nausea.

  • BlueMoon1979


    How did you find out it was seizures and not just sleepwalking? Did it take a long time to figure out? Do they happen often? Do you know your triggers? I have so many questions.❤️

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