Hi, I'm 24 and developed CFS after being severely sick with COVID19 March 2020 (:

My question is how do you guys find energy/time to date and how is your sex life? (:
A. You were married before you got CFS/ME
B. You're younger and have a hard time dating because of CFS/ health issues
C. You're any age and manage to find time for relationships with minimal CFS/ME symptoms
D. You're any age, and struggle with dating because of CFS/ME but still manage to have energy for it
E. Scared to date because you feel like no one will accept you for your condition and you're just focusing on yourself and health

You can choose multiple (: Thanks!

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Myalgic encephalomyelitis/ Chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS)

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  • Rosie_Posey


    Hey, I don’t fall into these categories. I’ve been ill my whole life. I’ve just been really up front with people- friends, family, potential dates about my life. I don’t sugarcoat and I over share. The people who care about me stick around. I’ll tell my elderly male boss “I can’t come in tomorrow my period is so heavy I’m restricted to the couch and bleeding through everything” I’ll tell my boyfriend “I wanted to go on the date we planned but I cooked lunch and now I can’t move”. People either accept it or they don’t and that’s been my attitude. The boyfriend now plans dates and helps me with a ton of things that knock me down. My boss is careful to ask me how I am and not overwhelm my schedule. I love my people and they love me. I don’t have the energy to be scared or hide things or even try to keep up with people. I just am me

  • Fifi


    Hi! I also have severe CFS. In regards to dating, I got really lucky and found someone who understands me and accepts me and is willing to stay in and pace the relationship as slowly as I need to. Luckily, I found him before my CFS got really really bad. If I was single right now, I’d have the HARDEST time dating. I can’t even dress up or do my hair and makeup without feeling completely exhausted. I understand how hard it can be. And for sex life… there was a period where my libido was so down from my fatigue that I might as well have just not had a sex drive at all. It ebbs and flows :(

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