I'm exhausted. I've got multiple chronic pain conditions, they're all acting up at the same time, and I think I'm getting sick. I'm also feeling... down and defeated. Just... lots of emotions tonight I suppose.

Complex post traumatic stress disorder

Panic Disorder

Fibromyalgia (FM)

Raynaud's Syndrome

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  • JustRachelle


    Sorry you are feeling this way today but unfortunately I’m feeling the same. And on top of my physical pain I’m dealing with the mental part of things as well.

  • Overcomer


    Hi ReinaV our emotions can make our physically symptoms worse.

  • Overcomer


    I have raynaud's too but because of scleroderma

  • Fibrofoggirl


    I feel the same I’m so sorry

  • Hatchytt


    Been down with a cold for two weeks and the flare is finally starting to ease up a bit. It'll take some time, but it will go away. Maybe not forever, but at least for a while. Hot fluids and lots of rest. Hope you feel better soon.

  • Waiyee88


    I'm so sorry :( I just found out I have Reynaud's and its really strange for me to get used to Rest well!

  • Overcomer



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