Hi! Does anyone else experience joint pain the worsens with cold? Whenever I have to walk in the cold my hips or knees or something else will start hurting badly and i’m not sure if it’s POTS related or something else.

Joint pain


Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS)

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  • Persephone9


    Hi! This happens to me too. In general, my understanding is if you have joint pain in general the cold makes it worse. When I moved from DC to AZ (where it’s way warmer) my joint pain improved a little. Not sure exactly why that’s the case tho

  • Gizmogrey


    I have RA, oestoarthritis & hyper mobility syndrome & the cold (and rain) make me hurt a lot more than when the weather is nice.

  • KB8


    It’s definitely worse! A good number of my patients also say the same thing too!

  • Jadie


    Yes! I have to take a lot of salt if it gets too cold because not being able to regulate temp makes the cold unbearable sometimes.

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