I just started on my insulin pump a few weeks ago and I'm just finding it finally hitting me that diabetes is so unfair. I've been diabetic so long and I've just accepted it until recently and now I'm just defeated. I want to give up. I know logically it's just my depression acting up but still. it's hard. I just don't want to do it anymore but I have to for my family.

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  • Sheek


    Don’t give up! You’re fighting not just for you but others as well

  • bronzerose


    I restarted last night The pump holds a lot of memories and feelings I bottled up for years. It's really hard to accept

  • Wild_Goddess


    I know how it feels, wish I had some advice for you

  • janah


    To see this worries me because im suppose to start the pump soon But baby girl never give up youll get thru it and if you need to talk jus message me

  • maic


    Can I ask why the insulin pump in particular has you feeling this way? I see you've tagged T1 as well as T2 - have you only recently become insulin dependent? The reason I ask is because I switched from injections (4-6 daily on avg) to a pump earlier this year and the change was so positive for me. I felt like I was so better equipped to maintain control of my blood sugars. The pump (in conjunction with the dexcom, which I started at the end of 2020) have been game changers for me. To be honest, I remember feeling hopeless and negative about my diabetes mostly in my childhood and teens, but as an adult I don't necessarily find myself having existential crises around it anymore. I was diagnosed when I was 7 so I don't even remember specifically what life was like on a daily basis before I was diagnosed. Were you diagnosed in childhood or as an adult? I'm not sure of your journey or the diagnoses that you've tagged in the post, but I assume that as T1 that this condition is forever for you as it is for me. I recommend seeking to work on your depression so that you're able to come to a better perspective that you can live with given the fact that this condition is one that we can not change - that probably doesn't sound helpful at all and I know that... But as someone who has struggled greatly both with my diabetes and my mental health, I do SO! understand how delicately intertwined depression/anxiety/diabetes are

    • daisypancakes


      don't know how I tagged type 2 as well tbh. Been type 1 since I was 10. So 18 years now. And it's like the fact that I ordered too long of canulas and so for a few days I had to keep changing my site because the canula was bending and would stop working and my sugar would spike to over 400. That had me so frustrated and just done with it. And I know for a fact it's mostly related to my depression and anxiety so been working on those as well.

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