My Fiancé just found out about my eating disorder because I relapsed bad a month ago. I feel so bad not telling him but didn’t want him to worry about me because I had been doing good for the whole time I knew him. He told me he wants me to get help again which is terrifying me. Any advice on making this easier for both of us?

Eating Disorder

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  • eura


    now that he knows do you think it would be helpful to discuss your thoughts with him? even if its not everything immediately, you could slowly start to let him in regarding those thoughts? just a suggestion though. i would always recommend getting help. you deserve it 💗

  • Pfeiffer


    Treatment can be so daunting and scary but you are lucky to have someone who supports you and will be there for you through your journey. But remember it is your journey and your fiancé is there for support in whatever way that it will help you. I also think telling people what they can do the assist you is important, otherwise they will use google and find some other advise that is not going to help.

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