Had a really difficult year. In May I suffered really extreme abdomen pain, I couldn't stand up and found myself curled up on the bathroom floor at work unable to get it to go away. I ended up in A&E where they diagnosed a burst ovarian cyst (with no scans or tests) and was sent home with buscopan and painkillers. A few days later a scan showed no signs of that and it was deemed to be chronic appendicitis. As the pain had subsided, I didn't have surgery.

After this episode I haven't been able to digest dairy, which seems related but has been largely ignored by doctors.

A week ago I suffered the same pain again. I presented at A&E and the pain came in waves, being really severe for 40 mins or so then subsiding for a while. They could see the pain I was suffering and I had a CT scan which diagnosed... constipation. And bad, despite "going" normally up to this point. I had laxatives and pain relief for about a week and it's finally subsided, but I'm left unsure what to do. Are the two episodes related? the first time it was all over in 24 hours, with no poop problems. This time it's hung around for days.

My lactose intolerance stopped shortly before the second episode when I had the flu and a chest infection that was treated with antibiotics, although I'm still wary and careful about the dairy I consume.

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