Has anyone gone to a pain specialist? I have back pain with standing that radiates thru my right hip & down to my right knee. Dr has done x-rays that he said didn't show anything except normal wear & tear for my age, 57. He wants me to go to pain dr.

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  • kimjoy


    Yes I had that's feeling but I had back surgery and the pain down my leg was from nerves I go to physical therapy I take a lot of medicine and I get injections in my back now

  • dydy1


    See if you can get an MRI, you might have something going on in the lumbar spine.

    • Learningtolovelife


      I second this. I had a broken bone in my back that did not show up in an x ray 6 years ago.

    • Lakeside5


      My ortho Dr gave order for MRI but my insurance refused it until I go thru therapy which I'm doing now. My family Dr actually brought up MS to me due to numbness in feet & hands I've experienced. I'm getting myself down which isn't like me. I've been to family Dr, ortho & back specialist & I still don't have any answers. My next step is to go to a pain doctor & get his input. I'm still waiting on my family Dr to give me the referral to go.

  • Shaunny


    I too go to a pain clinic where I get injections in my back that use to work but now I need to get back fusion surgery to correct the three slip disks I have!

    • Lakeside5


      I'm waiting on my Dr to give me the referral to go to a pain clinic that is close to where I live.I really hope they can help me

  • Kenzif


    I have been seeing my pain doctor for 3 years now. He has got me on some heavy medication including muscle relaxers. I get trigger injections on occasion when it gets really bad, in the past that I've had two back surgeries which included to fusions and a cage ( the surgery was the worst mistake of my life, it only made the pain increase by tenfold). I have had ablations and nerve blocks as well. I second everyone's opinion about getting an MRI, and MRI shows so much more than just an x-ray. I feel that my pain doctor has saved my life. My husband however hates the medication that I am on and wishes that I could just get off of it, sometimes I feel like he doesn't believe the pain is real which really hurts but the day has to go on and my day goes on with pain meds and muscle relaxers. I wish you all the best.🤗

  • Lakeside5


    Well, after seeing 3 Dr finally was able to get my family Dr to sign for referral to a pain clinic. I've been trying to get ok for MRI, insurance refused until I went to therapy. I started therapy a couple of wks ago. Anyway, my new Dr at the pain clinic got my insurance to give ok for an MRI as well as pain injections all After seeing him for the first time last Fri. He's the first dr to really listen to me. Maybe things are finally going to get better.

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