Im nobodys priority, Im always the center of jokes im always that one person that isnt actually a friend but is included and i like that its just they make it known that ill be nothing and it feels so weird. I relapsed (Self harm) 3 days ago and I really feel like doing it again tonight, I really just feel unwanted i cant even laugh with anyone anymore my boyfriend has become the most stable thing in my life and he still unknowingly makes me feel so unloved and unprioritized. The idea of suicide has been such a nice thing recently Ive started fantasizing ab it even. i just feel nothing theres nothing to live for anymore I am so sad all i can do is cry or cut or shut down

Self-inflicted injury


Suicidal ideation

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  • jjharkan


    What exactly do you want from your friends to feel prioritized? And from your boyfriend. What changes made would be beneficial to you?

    • KarlyGalin


      not friends i just want to feel like Im a friend even if im being talked about behind my back i just dont want to feel so lonely anymore. and my boyfriend just shifted tones, hes been leaving me on delivered for 4+ hours and when we actually text its like a few mins anf its not like hes busy..i just feel like he used to actually care and now hes been just really off I love him so much i just want to be able to say he loves me too without overthinking or crying

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