Does anyone have social anxiety? Mine isn't that bad. I can usually go out for just a little while as long as I'm with someone. Today my boyfriend and I were supposed to go out but my Nana asked us to take her somewhere first. Now I don't feel like going out with my boyfriend. How can I help this feeling of anxiety about staying out in public longer? I haven't even worked since September because of it.

Anxiety (Including GAD)

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  • Rose_C


    Think of a mantra you can repeat in your head over and over again.

  • jacksonbrebner


    being in public can be exhausting. something that has helped me has been to try and make myself feel as safe and comfortable as possible. like wearing clothes that feel comfortable or bringing some things in my bag from home like chapstick, water, something to fidget with, headphones, a sketchbook, etc. and when I'm out I try to remind myself that it's okay to take breaks. like sitting in the bathroom for a few minutes to take deep breathes and have a second alone.

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