Hi, my name's Nicole. I'm about to start my third year of college and this past year has been full of doctor's visits because I grew up with a dad who doesn't believe in seeing the doctor unless I'm basically split in half, so now that I'm semi-independent I can finally get the help I've needed for 20 years. I've been diagnosed with a lot, but the most concerning is my depression. my doctor told me it's not bipolar disorder, and I picked the option that was most like what I have, but I was still categorized under bipolar disorder.

I know I shouldn't take that as an official diagnosis but I'm still worried because my symptoms are perfectly aligned with bipolar 2. my dad is heavily bipolar and my family has a history of the condition, so I can't exactly rule it out either. I don't see my doctor until April... I can't wait that long to come to some sort of an answer. maybe even just some advice for how to manage it. anything helps...

Bipolar Disorder



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  • Vret


    Hello! I was diagnosed with Schizoaffective disorder bipolar type in 2018 — I take two mood stabilizers for the moodswings, and a bunch of other stuff for the bunch of other stuff I was also diagnosed with. Growing up none of the people went to the hospital unless we were dying so we all were undiagnosed until adulthood! So I understand. I carry around comfort items that I know can bring me back down to earth or calm me down if I start spiraling, but that’s also along with my medications. I would try to call your doctor back for an updated diagnosis — or even look around and see if you feel more comfortable changing doctors. I went through 5 doctors in one year for different reasons — sometimes you just need to do what’s right for yourself!

  • Charlize


    Good for you for taking care of yourself and seeking health and wellness. I think beginning treatment keeping and open mind is helpful. Try not to get too focused on a diagnosis per se. Perhaps focus on what symptoms you would like better managed and focus on that in treatment. I agree, finding a treatment team you trust, have confidence and feel comfortable with us so important. You are not alone.

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