Hows your day today? My birthday was today and I'd say it was good, except for the overwhelming guilt from breaking my fast and binging and purging..

Eating Disorder

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  • eggy


    you deserve to enjoy your birthday, along with the celebration and food that comes with it! one single day will not cause any change to your weight, and the pleasure of being able to enjoy ALL aspects of your birthday will forever outweigh the guilt of one "bad" meal. you deserve to enjoy life and owe yourself the favor or doing so 💕

  • Katiexdeo


    I hope you had a good birthday tho ❤️and that you were able to surround yourself with love and support. So Proud of you :)

  • Kendoll


    Happy birthday!! I hope you were able to pick yourself back up and enjoy your day despite that :))

  • finnfinn97


    Happy belated :) I hope things get better!

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