i think i got misdiagnosed with gad. sure, i get anxious every once in a while, but i feel like that's a normal person thing ? i've even become more comfortable talking to people and am able to perform on stage with next-to-no worries. over the summer, i went to get diagnosed with autism. the lady that tested me had me do an online test that didn't quite ask me about autism, but asked about my intelligence and tried to see if my concern for autism was due to a different underlying condition. when i got the results back, she said it was all due to me being depressed, traumatized, and anxious (aside from the obsessive routines and heavy sensory issues) and that i should look into adhd. i can see why she suggested adhd, but anxiety ? i really don't feel it often enough to consider it a disorder. some of the questions on there was like "do you think your classmates think less of you or not like you very much ?", and i marked down yes because it's true. most kids in the south don't get along with me for a multitude of reasons, but i'm not upset with that. it's not really something that bothers me, i have my own friend and that's all i really need. if those types of questions are why she marked me down with anxiety, i feel as though she got the wrong impression with me :/

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    Professionals only know what they can observe or what you indicate to them, so if they're asking the wrong questions or don't know about certain situations and experiences, there's always the chance of making a mistake. We're only human, and things happen. If you're this torn on a diagnosis I would very much see another specialist, or even just spend more time with a professional so they can get the whole picture rather than yes or no answers to a questionnaire. A big deciding factor for my GAD was that feeling of "overhanging doom" that can follow you. When I was younger I used to describe it as that gift to Neville Longbottom in Harry Potter where the smoke would turn red if he's forgotten something, but the catch is that it can't tell him what exactly he's forgotten. My GAD is like an alarm that's going off for some highly stressful situation, but in reality that situation never existed in the first place, so you're constantly trying to figure out what's gone wrong while your body and mind remain on high alert.

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