Explain your inner world with DID. I'm having difficulty expressing mine and I don't know if it's just us or if it's normal with all DID systems.~ALXS

Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID)

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  • marcieee


    this is a funny one for us, in our innerworld its mostly grey and.. vacant, its quite empty and spacious theres vaguely an invisible line to front and bacm of "house", for a while i thought we were odd for not having a detailed innerworld then i figured its just part of our personal experiences and trauma

  • Joany


    I would describe my inner world as if I were in a room with a giant screen in front of me: The view I get on that screen is what I see on the outside world through my eyes, but often, it's as if I were just sitting on a chair, in an empty room, watching that screen. I can see and hear everything perfectly fine, but when it comes to responding and reacting, I delay myself because someone else always wants to do it for me. Be it my gatekeepers, protector, trauma-holders, or littles, they sometimes react to specific triggers, so I tend to have normal conversations whenever I'm either alone with them, or with people I blindly trust in, like my mom or dad. Other than that, Katrina (protector) will handle most of the talking, to ensure that our surroundings are safe... And mostly because she's the most sociable one ✨

  • Eren2273


    There's a lot going on with ours, honestly. Some places are grey and dull, while others are colorful. There also seems to be no concrete layout, if someone wants to be somewhere, they just will be there. Idk if that last part makes sense, it's hard to explain

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