does anyone else get digestive issues and believes it may be from Dysautonomia?

Disorder of Autonomic Nervous System

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  • Lunarr


    Personally I don't have any digestive issues from mine but I know lots of people do! Dysautonomia can affect many systems including the digestive track, so whatever you're experiencing may very well be because of it

  • h0ney


    YES. i've had them nearly my entire life.

    • mack7315


      glad to know it’s not only me :)

  • Art_therapy


    ALSO YES. I think its called gastroparesis. My nerves don’t signal to my stomach to start digesting which it kinda does by flexing in a “wave” to crush food. (This is how I understand it. I might be wrong) but this causes me to eat something but vomit up unprocessed food even when its been an hour since I ate. I assume something similar is happening in my intestines as well for a similar reason.

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