Any non medication treatments for ptsd that have been helpful?

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

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  • hails711


    Exposure therapy that I gave myself

  • spacegirl


    I did ketamine infusions. It was so effective on its own my therapist wants me to find a place I feel comfortable getting the infusion/trauma therapy combo, after we get to a good point in our current work, if I feel comfortable. I had to stop because of the cost. I'm looking into a way to possibly get the nasal treatment for at-home, but the cost, while way lower, is still kind of pricey, I didn't have insurance and am unaware if it is covered by any.

    • anemone


      i'm sure you've heard of them, and these may be whay you're talking about in the end of your paragraph, but what about things like mindbloom and myketaminehome? they don't take insurance so their rates aren't inflated by insurance bargaining and sometimes you can even get them to give you a discount if you talk to a support agent. some clinics offer kat (ketamine assisted therapy), and i only know this because i happened to be seeing a therapist at a clinic that offers kat and she told me about it. i'm not sure on the insurance situation yet but she seemed convinced that insurance would cover it so i'm hopeful there are kat clinics out there who would be covered. i do also know that there are kat clinics who offer a superbill (basically, you pay ahead of time, then submit the bill to your insurance for reimbursement) so there's other ways to get some coverage too, if you do ever end up with insurance. hope you find something that suits your needs!

  • CactusCat


    EMDR....slowly but surely.

  • GypsySoul227


    If you find out let me know cause I haven't found anything yet 😥

  • margaretscarry


    Hypno and cbt honestly. It took me ten years to get anywhere near worked through and healed even a little. So dont get discouraged and dont give up. Itll all be okay in the end and if its not okay its not the end.

  • ConnConn


    Personally, I do edibles

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