this is like a very specific question but does anyone have any advice for getting those strep throat tests? i have an irrational fear of them because of a combined fear of choking and throwing up/gagging and next time i have to get one id like to not instinctively push away the doctor or start crying 😭

Zinc Acetate


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  • Snowy


    This may not work for you, it doesn't even work all the time for me, but it's something I try with needles because I have a phobia of getting poked (shots, IVs, tattoos, etc). If I know I'll need a shot when I go to the doctor, I do everything I can to not think about it. I think about what I need to ask, what my symptoms are, what I'm going in for, anything BUT the needle. I just keep my mind as busy as I can. Then, when it comes down to it, I only have a couple minutes at most before it happens to freak out. It seems to lower the peak of the anxiety... most of the time. It almost never makes it worse, at least. I am well aware that "just not thinking about it" isn't aways an option. But distraction IS a legitimate strategy. I hope you find something that works for you!

  • Rhondadawn


    Hopefully you won't have strep throat often. But if you are it's because your immune system is very low and so is mine from cancer. But if you take 50mg of zinc everyday and never miss you can build your immune system back up. But you'll have to stay on it forever because it won't last on it's own once your immune system is compromised it never heals itself. Also you can take echinacea for two weeks every three months. But you cannot stay on it because it will hurt you, but it is safe as long as you give your body rest periods in between. It will help keep your immune system up even when you don't take it as long as you stay on two weeks on and three months off. Also Do not take it when you are on any kind of antibiotics.

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