Other than dietary changes, how can I help my reactive hypoglycemia?

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  • colorfulcrouton


    I went on a low carb diet (keto) and my symptoms of reactive hypoglycemia went away. Oncei start eating carbohydrates again it comes back. Not much else you can do.

  • HangingInThere


    Get yourself a lm OURA RING. Ever since I reached 7 hours of sleep (waking up eating though) my pots has improved and I feel relaxed. Hypo is still there. I eat frequent, I have more control though. I use my Apple Watch to let me know when 1 1/2 hours has past so I can have a little meal. Hopes this helps

    • Juji


      I didn’t know hypoglycemia can effect POTS, I’m looking into the oura ring

  • Maggiemom


    Same here if I go low carbs keto diet it goes away my body apparently hates carbs dr said my body produces to much insulin but if it does will my sugar be ok when I do keto and a roller coaster if I do have carbs

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