how were you diagnosed with eoe? how long did it take to go get help?

Eosinophilic esophagitis

Nausea and Vomiting

Laryngopharyngeal reflux

Chronic Generalized pain

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  • Maddi_Rosato


    I was diagnosed with eoe when I was 16, in the 7th grade I lost about 50 pounds and was externally thin, because I was vomiting after every meal… we went to several doctors tried heart burn medication, tried a lot. I got allergy testing I believe my freshman year of high school and found out I was allergic to most things I was eating. Dairy, red meats, pork, bivalves, shellfish, and cinnamon, goat, lamb, Venicen, elk, bison, sheep. a year later I was still struggling with keeping food down for that year, I went to throat specialist in my home town, we had a consultation and then they scheduled an endoscopy to confirm that it was eoe. I found out that gluten was a strong intolerance of mine, so they offered me a pill I could eat 10 minutes before I eat anything with gluten, or just cutting it out all together. I personally decided to cut it out all together, just was to much hassle to have that medication and time my hunger like that.

  • Maddi_Rosato


    So it took me about 4 years

  • PittyMomma2x


    I started having issues during my first pregnancy. I didn't get help until a few months after my son was born.

  • gi0143


    I was diagnosed in 2021 via a biopsy from an endoscopy. I took several medications with no progress, took a blood allergy test - I'm allergic to wheat, egg and yeast. I stopped eating those things and it took some time to adjust but it makes me feel better! Less pain, less bloat, less blood, etc... lost some weight too!!

  • Healthproblems1111


    I was diagnosed when I was 3 years old. When I would eat, I would only eat a little bit and stop eating because it caused me throat pain. I started loosing hair and I went to a GI doctor at the time that did some tests and everything but one test came back negative. He did an upper endoscopy and found white blood cells in my throat and I had acid reflux 30 times while I was under the anesthesia for a few minutes. After that, I had to start my diet. I’m allergic to milk, soy protein, soy flour, soybean and chicken and I’ve tried to stay away from everything I’m allergic to ever since then.

  • madi_214


    i was diagnosed at 6 months, and they took away all of my food. so i never really had that many symptoms after they removed everything from my diet, and now i’ve slowly made my way up to about 10 foods. it still sucks, and i more just suffer from depression from it than anything else.

    • madi_214


      i also do endoscopy’s every year for a check in since it was so bad at 6 months

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