Health anxiety has been one if the worst things I’ve gone through. I’ve felt like I had so many things in just the span of two and a half months I could rewrite the dictionary with just conditions I believed I had. Now I somehow am convinced I must have Cancer. I don’t know why and I’m defeated. I’m not sure what I’m asking for but I need help. I’m scared everyday and I feel like I’m always dying. I can’t stop my mind from racing constantly and I feel like giving up sometimes and just letting myself go. I went to the doctors 6 times in the past two months and everyone says I’m fine but why can’t I believe it?



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  • Shine.Of.Rae


    Because we’re allowing our brain to control our thoughts. It’s like we get so set on one thought and it just won’t go away. I’m going through the same thing, so if you ever need someone to talk to about this you can always message me. I’ve learned a few coping mechanisms and still slowly working on it.

  • carter._.16


    Same here. Everyday I feel like something is very wrong. And the doctors can never pin point what's wrong. And then I go in with all of these symptoms and then they tell me I'm fine. And honestly I feel defeated when that happens. Because I want an explanation as to why I feel the way I do. Now I have a question for you? Do you take any meds to help with it? Because I do, and I only recently got on the one that's been helpful to quite some of the thoughts. It's called Hydroxozine, and I take it in small doses and it works so well. Just something to consider so you can live the way you want to

  • Lunabee


    I convinced myself I had ALL last year,even though it was just mono,I'm not convinced.

  • K1tty_c0re


    I don't think people realize how debilitating heath anxiety is tbh. I struggled with server health anxiety sense 2014 and it is ass

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