This weekend I was hanging out with my friends who are girls. There was two of them and only one of me (boy). We are hanging out and I knew I would get made fun of if people found out so I kept it a secret. I have been made fun of and been called a fag**t before so it wouldn’t be anything new to me. After we hung out for a while I told them they could come over because my parents weren’t home so they did. We were there for about an hour or so before they got picked up. But while they were there one of the girls had taken my phone and was sending Snapchats to people. Which I didn’t mind because 1. She was snapping girls , and 2. I was right next to her and she wasn’t doing anything bad. Anyway she is snapping people and then accidentally sends a picture of her face to a group chat with like 50 of my guy friends on it. I start freaking out and shaking but I delete the picture immediately after she sent it but of course 3 people immediately opened it. I realized what happened and she frantically starts apologizing to me and I told her it’s ok. But everyone on the group chat was like “wtf” “WTH” “bro (girls name) was on his phone” “they are at someone’s house” and then people kept calling me weird and the f word. The next school day two of my friends said something about it and both called me EDP which is a guy who got caught meeting up and 13 year olds and got it a lot of trouble. So that’s how my weekend went how bout y’all?

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    Lol bro you have nothing to worry about. You will realize your winning right

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    Girls know good people. Having girl friends means you have good qualities. Don’t worry about what others think, you’ll grow out it.

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