has anyone felt a return of symptoms after expert excision? i had excision with one of the uk’s best specialists in 2019, symptoms have creeped back in despite pelvic PT and acupuncture and general pain and endo management. Ovulation has been kicking my butt and i’m suffering with constipation (unheard of for me) and bladder issues than i ever did, i’m even having blood come up in testing with no infection. i was 23 when my first surgery was done, could it really be reoccurrence or growth of new lesions?

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  • Belugabear


    So while recurrence is rare, it is always possible. There are also many other things associated with endo that could be going on! Did the symptoms totally go away and then come back? If so that sounds like recurrence. But if they didn’t totally go away then I’m guessing there’s something else going on! After my expert excision I felt some relief for a short time and then it came back in full force. Turns out it was mostly pelvic floor dysfunction, fibro, and IC that we’re left and I had to take care of. If you have any questions please feel free to message me :)

  • bw1996


    i’d say my digestion improved a lot but my periods never massively did - since i started nerve pain medicine it has really helped with thigh pain that still persisted after surgery, my periods would feel a lot worse without it! same for acupuncture that i get weekly. ovulation was never as painful as it’s been these last 6 months or so and i never suffered with constipation pre surgery or post until the last 6 months. i suffered with feeling like i need to pee after surgery for the first time but that settled but has been reflaring - I think i might have IC! i have been in pelvic PT since surgery and it’s never really been hypertonic and i’m generally in good form for that! why is endo such a clusterfuck of problems😂😂 i don’t want more surgery because recovery was so rough but i wish there was a way to go in without risks of adhesions or more problems :(

    • Belugabear


      do you have another excision specialist near you that you can talk to? Even just to get an opinion on whether the first one could have missed anything. There’s also things like adenomyosis that could be going on. And IC is horrible and can be a major cause!! My IC symptoms are totally gone now because I take aloe Vera supplements. It’s great that you haven’t really had pelvic floor problems! Is your pain abdominal though? My pelvic floor got better with PT but I learned that my abdomen was so tight it was causing a lot of my pain. Finding a PT who can work on that might help too!

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