My migraines tend to come along with stroke-like symptoms. Does anyone else experience this? My neurologist is stumped.


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  • Stobotnik


    Stroke-like symptoms are actually rather common with migraines. I experience them in the majority of my migraines.

  • RJ86


    What are your symptoms?

  • Birdies


    I would hallucinate so bad that I wasn't allowed to drive because I would swerve/slam on brakes or if I was not driving do things like scream, etc. I haven't had bad hallucinations since being put on Topamax (Topiramate).

  • carrotflowers


    There are migraines called hemiplegic migraines which mimic strokes with partial weakness and numbness. Definitely talk to a doctor about it, they will typically run testing to make sure it’s not a stroke and then treat the migraine

  • clover99


    A lot of people do, don't be scared. I read the closest thing they find to migraine symptoms are stroke. But it's not a stroke, you will get better, whether that's hours or days, you come back to normal. I don't think they know why, it's an electrical problem, not blood flow. But they mimic each other. The worst for me is when it's a "silent migraine" with no pain, but I have aura, physical muscle problems, tactile control issues, everything but the pain. I worry people will think I'm high or drunk.

  • RJ86


    I do. Not to sound rude but if your neurologist is stumped over it you may need a second opinion. They are well known to neurologists. I started Emgality & it has helped tremendously.

  • Pannika


    I also get atypical stroke-like migraines. My neuro put me on daily baby aspirin because of it and took me off of birth-control. The aspirin has surprisingly helped reduce the frequency of the atypical migraines themselves. I agree with the other comments above! You need a different neurologist who specializes in migraines. This should be an easy one. Good luck.

  • Leese


    Today is really bad. I have a migraine from hell and don't feel like getting out of bed it hurts to blink and walk. It hurts bad I have had for a couple of days but today is really bad I just need to hear from someone who knows what I am going through because my husband and kids don't get it because they don't know what a migraine is. I am in a dark room with the fan on and TV off I am feeling nauseous. Can anyone suggest anything else that may help. T.I.A

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