Hi all😀how do you get relief from your back pain. I’m not on any TMF blockers, anyone on TNF blockers? If so which ones and did it help?



Ankylosing Spondylitis (AS)

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  • Fernando


    I take avsola, and it helped, though it has many side effects. Still, I would rather take it than suffer from the AS symptoms

  • Frustrated


    My Doctor prescribed sulfasalazine 500 mg twice a day for the inflammation.

  • KateTheGreat


    I have been taking tnf blockers for 12 years . I have taken Enbrel , humira, Simponi, remicade, cimzia, stelara, and I’m now on cosentyx . Some have done nothing at all and several have really helped with the inflammation however I have had some severe side effects and have been taken off of a few for complications. I can’t take steroids because I developed Cushing’s syndrome then Addison’s disease . I also caught latent tuberculosis and had to go on rifampin for 10 months to get rid of that . I think tnf blockers are genius . I just have a very sensitive system . I would say that remicade worked the best . I took that the longest .

  • Frustrated


    I am very sensitive to medications and can not take a lot. So really concerned about taking TNF

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