Anyone who was diagnosed with ADD, what is your opinion on stimulants?

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  • Nolan


    Adhd and yeah stimulants treat it well

    • Zhan


      I was recently diagnosed with ADD. I go to community clinic my doctor doesn’t want to prescribe stimulants yet and I’m being cautious/skeptical about them myself too. I’m just wondering if it really makes you to sit down and finish tasks. For example I can’t never finish reading a book, I really want to but there’s always something that distracts me from reading.

  • d1sc0haus


    I took ritalin for the longest time, up until maybe 5 years ago? I'll be honest, I really didn't like how it made me feel. The best way I can describe it is that it made me feel like a zombie. I would lose my appetite, and I could only think about whatever I was doing. The crash afterwards would make me so ridiculously tired. This is totally just my personal experience, though. I have heard some people say that it really helped them. All just depends on the person as far as I know.

  • Muffinman3141


    I take them every day and it keeps me from zoning out and dissociating all the time, 10/10 would recommend

  • AllostaticOverload


    if I take my speed I seem to get more done. it gives me a normal person amount of energy, followed by a crash. I used to skip it a lot. idk how big a difference I feel for the adhd. I forget most of the symptoms besides hyperfocus. I still regularly burn myself out from that.

  • MarySol


    I found stimulant to calm me...very focused, grounded, start and complete tasks, motivation spot on, schedule no issue nor sched changes, yep sit down and concentrate, organized thoughts, better sleep, learning, reading comprehension, better eating habits( schedule instead of forgetting and waiting until ravenous), less impulsive, better health all the way around. Everything has a time and place, less worried, less anxious. More whole.

  • gatsbybird


    made me violently ill. i was miserable the whole time i was on them

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