I just wanted to share an experience I had during a flare-up this week. I took a hot shower (due to sharp pain) and afterwards was unable to lift my leg over the tub to get out due to the pain. I basically braced myself for the pain I was gonna experience from stepping out of the shower. I had an anxiety attack bc I felt so stuck. I was alone and wasn’t able to ask for help from anyone. I was frustrated and defeated. I did eventually get myself out but spent the rest of the evening in bed. Chronic illness and flare-ups make you feel so grateful for small things like this that able-bodied and non-disabled ppl don’t even realize (being able to step out of the shower without pain). Anyways, yeah just wanted to share. Hope u all r having a relaxing Sunday.


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  • Doggymama


    I can understand this frustration. It’s not much better when I have to have my spouse help me out, dripping wet and naked, definitely feels pathetic and I hate it. But remember that you didn’t do anything wrong and easier days will be ahead.

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