Other than meds. How can you lower your A1C.

Diabetes Type 2 (T2D)

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  • Chronicbadass



  • BB55


    And watch your diet, which can be hard to do. But worth it in the long run.

  • Noelle017


    I was diagnosed t2 a month ago at 6.6 a1c I changed my diet and started exercising 5x a week and I lowered it to a 5.7

  • LindaKaye


    Drink a lot of water.

  • OpheliaEzme


    I drink water before i eat and then walk for 10 minutes after i eat each meal. I also drank Aloe 30 minutes before i eat. For 30 days. Now just before dinner which is still my most difficult to control meal. I eat exactly the same breakfast and lunch daily so they aren't an issue for me anymore.

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