Everyday I’m terrified that I’m going to get fired. I’m having anxiety attacks in the bathroom at work so often now. Our customer is here today and it’s only making it worse. I know I do my job and there’s not a single reason to think of why i would get fired… but the thought won’t go away.

Anxiety (Including GAD)

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  • KittyRosa


    Anxiety is not always logical. Often times anxiety and reality don't line up. Anxiety is base dupont our fears. I have daily anxiety about losing people rather by death or other means. I found it was tied to Rejection Senstivity Dysphoria and after doing research on that, it had claimed down a lot. So my advice to you would be discover the specific fear(s) tied to the anxiety and combat those. It is is just losing your job maybe combat it with reasons you are good at your job, affirmations, things that are calming and relaxing

  • clarinugget


    Identifying the thought as illogical is a great thing. What I do when this happens is remind myself that my body is overcompensating. It is trying to send a message, but instead of one it’s like being spammed with texts. Treating the reaction like it is a nervous mother gives a more tangible idea and makes it easier to grasp for me and calm down.

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