How old were you when you were diagnosed?

Asperger's disorder

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  • Meggieannie


    I was 13 when I got diagnosed with Asperger's

  • casatora



  • MixedBag0fMess


    I was 7-9 but, my parents didn’t tell me until I was 16

  • KKnicole


    14 when I got diagnosed my mom didn't know what to do so she made me the black sheep of the family

  • SandraSunshine


    At age 31. I am 37 now. My mom told me that I was different all my life she told me that yes I struggled and had issues, but she didn't want to get the help for me. She just treated me like I was a normal child. We saw as I got older in adult hood that did not work. I am working through a lot of issues accepting myself.

  • coffeezombie


    36 I believe

  • coffeezombie


    I'm in my 40s now. It's so much harder dealing as an adult. I feel like a fish out of water so much more.

  • KaiHope


    I was about 8 or 9 when I got diagnosed

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