Hello! I am an adult female with anxiety, depression and ocd. I have a 4 year old daughter who is being evaluated for autism in a couple months, and I’m starting to wonder if I could be autistic. Has anyone gone through something similar?

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  • MommaBear6


    I have a 15 and 14yr old that got diagnosed with ADHD early on. I'm just now finding out it's genetic and see patterns in my other kids. Some of my dr's think I have it too but I have been in to be evaluated yet

  • YanyLaurel


    My step dad is 59 or something and he was diagnosed with autism just earlier this year! It certainly could be. Also my older sister who is about 30 is recently diagnosed with autism as well. Autism in women manifests itself somewhat differently than men, so they tend to go under diagnosed, but that doesn't mean it's not any harder

  • KittyMew


    My mom is 66 and has ADHD (don't know if she has an official dx). It's definitely genetic though because both my sister and I have ADHD. My sister was diagnosed during childhood and I just got diagnosed with ADHD and OCD last year. I've had both most of my life but my mom couldn't convince anyone to evaluate me. My brother has undiagnosed autism. I've thought about getting evaluated for autism but, worry about how it would affect my job, and facing discrimination in other areas of my life. However, the ADHD and OCD diagnosis have helped a lot with better understanding how my brain works and how to handle different situations. So far it doesn't feel like I'm being discriminated against at my current employer which is great.

  • emokitty


    I have the same signs as my son who has autism. And I'm very OCD, don't like change. Very particular.

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