how do y'all deal with anxiety? I get really anxious at night and don't know how to stop it and I lose alot of sleep from it if anyone has tips please share them

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    Nat Mur

  • Ashboo


    @gaby.20 I would love to give you my advice on anxiety and sleep

  • CraftyTherapist


    When I want to sleep I often listen to guided sleep meditations on YouTube, many people say it doesn’t work till they try the guided ones (speaking from personal experience), I also put on a movie I’ve seen a lot and just listen to it, I usually put it on my phone and flip my phone over on the bed so no light comes through to listen (movies can be like childhood favorites: Disney and other family movies nothing with too much action or loud abrupt noises). I do rock a little and give myself a bear hug to help my system calm down and feel safe and repeat phrases such as I’m safe, it’s going to be ok and so on.

  • Purp13


    Personally, I’ve found that journaling really really helps me filter out all the stress I’ve been dealing with. Sometimes I’m able to construct a path away from the cause of anxiety but other times it’s more like word vomit if I’m feeling really overwhelmed. It is still helpful to look back at those notes and validate what I was feeling and going through and eventually being able to move past it. It feels a lot like self-therapy it’s done a HUGE amount of good for my mental health.

  • breadbored


    I agree. It's huge. Just solidifying your thoughts and building a new path, writing your thoughts down is the first step, if not more. There's a lot more in your head that you don't realize could come out onto the paper. It takes a while to get used to for some people but with practice, it can be really effective. You might end up realizing you're more insightful and helpful than anything else because you understand your unique self

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