When do you just give up? When do you stop looking for a diagnosis? Maybe if I could just get the pain down I'd be ok. Nobody can help me. They keep pushing me off to other doctors. Im so tired. Maybe Im just a wimp and should buck up. Or maybe it really is all in my head, since all my tests appear to be normal. How do I just stop, and let go of fixing this?

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  • sam66


    Don't give up dear, I'm going on five years without proper pots treatment and finally seeing a professional next year. Be firm with your doctors on testing, I know I am now since I've developed seizure activity and have heart damage from over the years of drastic fluctuations in blood pressure, heart rate, and oxygen levels. My testing appeared normal at first but then after a few ER trips they noticed some irregularities with my heart and oxygen. I know it's a battle to deal with chronic pain and symptoms on a daily basis, but if we don't fight for ourselves who will. I truly hope you get the answers you need and have the peace you need💕💕

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