I finally had my appt with the MCAS specialist last week, and I have no idea where to start to figure out what treatments work for me. It seems too daunting, especially with the overwhelming fatigue and brain fog. Any advice for someone newly diagnosed?

Mast cell activation syndrome


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  • Flightlessbird


    I find starting with the things I have control of helps reduce the overwhelming feeling. With every condition I start with diet research. This gives you a bit of control. I then move to other areas of my life to see what else I have control over. Take it one step at a time. If you focus on what you can't control, it will make one feel they have zero control. And set backs are not failures. It just means adjustments may be needed. As you begin to feel more in control the other areas should begin to feel less intimidating. This is what helps me, I hope it may help you.

  • mommy2angelina


    Dm me

  • psw


    Journals. I keep tabs on my symptoms and what I have been exposed to. I then can see patterns to symptoms and what I have been eating/ contacting. I was able to come up with a list of triggers that way. I am most reactive to cellulose. Unfortunately, it's in a ton of different things and the cellulose product can be made from many different t plants. I've found I'm most reactive to cellulose derived from cottonseed. When I'm having symptoms, I tract everything. I read labels on everything. Even trusted brands, everytime I purchase a new supply, I reread the ingredients.

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