my medication for depression is not working I can't get out of bed it's not necessarily that I'm crying I'm just kind of laying here numb and don't care I've been trying to get excited about things but nothing is motivating me at all


Psychogenic non epileptic seizure


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  • bettinapalmer


    Did you try changing your medicine?? That also might help. Going outside, going somewhere to eat or just taking a walk helps me. It might help you. You should try it.

  • Jenny619


    It’s different for everyone, my suggestion is to find a psychiatrist who is familiar with TBI and to stay away from Wellbutrin because it can cause seizures in those with TBI

  • nuttybooker


    I've been on several medications over the yes and lithium works best for me. Have to get levels checked about every 6 months. I take other meds with it

  • React


    At least turn on the radio or fan or tv so that way u have some kind of white noise

  • Liza55117


    Thank you binge watching TV

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