Hello, everyone. I'm really struggling right now. I've finally been diagnosed with inattentive ADHD, which I think is my biggest problem right now. What has helped you the most with inattentive ADHD besides prescription meds? I'm not against trying them at all, and I most likely will, but I am just curious what else may help.

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  • DietSodie


    I try to make a lot of mental notes and over organizing everything. If I over do a task...I am more likely to remember if I did it or not. I used to drive and not remember how I got from point A to point B. I used to think I took out the trash and then didn't. Trash would pile up. I make myself lists and check them off. To remember medications... I set up a tray outside of my bedroom with a bottle of water. I have to trip over it before bed or getting up. This helps me to not forget. I would buy the same item from the store multiple times because I'd forget I bought it already. I have to sit items like cat food out at the doorway so I'll remember I bought it.

  • jenB82


    I have to have the Adderall. I'll drift off get lost in thought in mid conversation with another person and won't even hear them talking.

  • AKD


    I just read a medical review last night that talked about ferritin levels being lower in those with ADHD and that treating them if they are low can help. I'm hoping to get my levels checked as taking iron can be tough on the gut. Maybe worth checking your levels?

  • IcedChai


    I listen to the podcast Taking control: the ADHD podcast. They give some tips which I have found useful

  • Fullyonthemove


    High intensity cardio and Lifting weights. Setting and writing down clear goals

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