So I used to take celexa and it gave me major problems and I wanted to know if anyone else deals with these side effects as well. While I was taking celexa I experienced really bad tremors and now that I'm off of it I still experience it when I get anxious. I also have more memory loss than before and I just feel less intelligent than before and almost hazy, but I have talked to a few of my friends they said it also gave them more memory loss issues. So how did celexa work for you guys and did you have this happen?

Psychogenic non epileptic seizure


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  • E_belli


    I had similar issues with Celexa. I got pretty bad tremors and would get jittery all the time. It was unpleasant and it continued for maybe a month or so after stopping. Was also a little forgetful when I am pretty good at remembering details. But that seemed to also have gone away a few months after stopping.

    • Mykie


      I'm sorry that happened to you too, I wish my stuff went away like yours, my memory is horrible now, and I get tremors every once in a while still. I truly hate that medication, I thought something was really wrong and it felt like I was having seizures, everyone around me was very concerned, I can't believe pills did that to me..

      • E_belli


        oh man! I'm so sorry you had to go through that! It sounds terrible. It's sad sometimes that pills that are supposed to help you end up messing things up. Hopefully you found something that works!

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