I have really bad anxiety and panic attack and my doctor prescribed me Vistaril. I've been taking it for a few months when I have anxiety but it hadnt worked so he upped the dose to 50mg. Has anyone has successes with this med with anxiety?


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  • CCseaotter


    It has helped a bit. Nothing too crazy, but it’s pretty safe. It would be worth a shot for you to try.

  • E_belli


    I take 150mg total (50mg 3x daily) and find that it helps. I agree with the above, it does help a good amount. It isn't the same as a benzo, which are much stronger in some bodies. But it's nonaddictive (generally) in most cases. In my experience, I have to take a higher dose due to my tolerance of meds for it do do anything. But it is a good starting point. You just gotta stick with it, I think it is one of those meds that has to build in your system. I find that it helps in a preventative way (not sure if that's a technical thing) but also helps some with situational anxiety like anxiety/panic attacks. Hope you get some relief.

    • Bri24


      thank you sm!!!!

    • CCseaotter


      @bri24 This👆🏻is spot on. It’s a medication that’s much more similar to Benadryl (less drowsy effects, more effective to treat general anxiety) than a Xanax. I am prescribed 100 mg as needed. Usually I take 50 mg 2x on a typical working day. If I’m off, I won’t take it. Work tends to trigger my anxiety and racing thoughts. It’s a great thing to keep in your bag that makes you feel like you have a safety net if your thoughts / feelings start to spiral. Much love, Cam

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