I get very strong physical/physiological response to the slightest bit of stress. I feel like my mind doesn't even get a chance to process things before my body gets triggered (fight or flight). Does anyone have any insight or tips on how to work on this?

Anxiety (Including GAD)


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  • Macieann


    There’s a form of acceptance therapy that when you feel those things coming on, focus on one symptom (usually the one that’s bothering you the most) and try to amplify it as much as you can. (Example - your heart is racing or pounding… try to put all your focus on making it beat harder.) This helped me a lot when it came to feeling physical sensations. Another option is to ask your doctor about propanolol. It is taken as needed, and it only treats the body symptoms of anxiety. It has been helping me alot. You don’t run the risk of dependency with it either.

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