Hi, I am newly diagnosed with stage 1, hr/pr+,hrt2-. I sm scheduled for surgery June 9th. I am told this is to be followed by radiation. chemo was mentioned as a possibly.

I am just wondering what to expect. has anyone else experienced this procedure?

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  • DianaRuuz


    Good morning 🌞 I got my surgery done las year February 23. It was a Lumpectomy and like you chemo was mentioned. I had 34 session's of radiation and now I'm taking Aromasin for the next 5 years. You will be good! It's a process but everything will fall into place.

  • DianaRuuz


    Feel free to text me anytime if you need more details on what to expect.

  • Nannybelle


    Prayers for your upcoming surgery

  • Nannybelle


    How are you doing after surgery?🙏

  • Kazzy


    Hi I had a lumpectomy in August then five sessions of Radiotherapy in Dec 22. I doesn't hurt whilst you are having it done just makes me tired and I lost my appetite. I was sick a couple of times but they said it wouldn't be from the therapy. I had a bad cold at the time so maybe it was that. One month one my appetite has returned and I still have bouts of fatigue but thats all. No burning of the skin has occured in my case but I took their advice to wear loose clothing and no bra for 3 months so maybe its helped. Good luck xx

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