What is the hardest thing for you to cope with when it comes to BPD?

Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD)

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  • OleanderBunnies


    RSD. Hands down just…that caved in feeling in my chest when I feel like I’m not welcome or when someone says something just slightly off. It’s absolutely the worst. - Riddle

  • cinnamokii


    the voice in my head that tells me everyone is lying and that they’re going to leave me, despite all the evidence and reality saying everything is fine. my bf will say ily to me and it makes me start crying bc i feel like he’s lying even though i KNOW he’s not!!!! i hate how i just can’t believe people and trust them!!!

  • jojojellybean


    Hating myself and never feeling good enough. Never being satisfied with how I look, no matter my weight,hair color or style..always compare myself to other girls

  • daggerbabi


    crying when i’m frustrated.. always happens lol

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