Does anyone have conditions that hinder their love life? I have multiple food intolerances and it makes socializing a real issue. I always feel like the weirdo and get comments god you're allergic to everything.

Chronic Pain

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  • Yuna


    I have horrible periods, even being on birth control doesn’t completely stop the bleeding and sometimes I bleed for weeks straight. The constant fear of leakage and the wacky emotions aren’t great for being out and about. My mom has dozens of allergies and intolerances, I’ve never seen anyone treat her less because of it but don’t feel about your allergies. You’re entitled to avoiding stuff that will cause you discomfort/kill you! It’s on them if they can’t accept that

  • JoyNoel


    I have allergies and sensitivities, and issues that cause me to avoid certain foods so that I don’t have flairs (such as foods high in oxalates that cause kidney stones or highly acidic foods and drinks that causes bladder pain). My IC and pelvic floor dysfunction causes terrible pain during and after sexual intercourse, but my partner and I have worked together to make it less painful and more pleasurable for each other. I will say, that I do get tired of hearing how much of a “weirdo” or “freak” I am because I have to avoid so much stuff due to my illnesses/diseases. You learn quickly who you want in your life and who you do not.

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