When/how were you diagnosed with fibromyalgia? I have asked to be tested for it by various physicians but been told either it doesn’t exist and just take some Ibuprofen, it’s just in my head, or its related to another health problem and I would just have to deal. I know the pain and constant fatigue is real though.

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  • FoxiBella


    I've been diagnosed, I guess from bloodwork but I'm honestly not sure, I had a few Dr's dismiss it until finally one listened

  • Penpalz


    Yeah they were gaslighting you... because there is still little to nothing that doctor's know about this...they go by symptoms...and most times with Fibromyalgia... symptoms don't match up... according to them

  • faerywyrm


    I was diagnosed 5 years ago. My rheumatologist tested my weak and sore points, and said I was a complete match. He had gone so far as to test me for MS and rheumatoid arthritis. He said it was so advanced that I am age equivalent to someone in their 90s. Don't give up. See a good rheumatologist.

  • Beeble


    I had been seeing rheumatologists for YEARS and years for joint pain. she just kept telling me that I was fine and then woukd tell my father that I was too sensitive I eventually started opening up about alot of other symptoms like the nausea, headaches, etc and eventually I saw a new rhumetologist. he examined me and was like "I think you may have fibromyalgia because we cannot find fluid in your joints that would cause so much pain" they also tested me for rheumatoid arthritis and that came back negative so they just concluded that it was fibromyalgia.

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